Law and the Ministry of Commerce



Investment case study The case study should include the work break down structure WBS, and if it is possible a flow block diagram (FBD). The information about the Law and the Ministry of Commerce are old and needed to be updated. It should cover the basic steps in managing risk. establish the context identify the risk analyse the risks evaluate the risks should include Risk Matrix the project cost of funding Sequence Diagram till open the office Cost Risks calculate (Pf) risk factor treat the risk it should identify and explain all type of risks for each main step in the WBS as a bullets It should include the risk factor. Power-point representation of a total number of slides to range from five (5) slides to ten (10) slides maximum. Please specify the type of your ICS at the first slide to be one of the following: Work real case study with assumptions if needed. Personal real case including issues learned from it. Imaginary/Future case study including key subjects learned in class covering min. Ch. 1 to Ch. 3 in your text book. Simple Risk Management Plan presenting the main five steps taken in risk management showing the analysis, assessment and mitigation plan. (Number of pages between 5-10 Maximum.)

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