lawn-mowing service

computer science


Write an application for a lawn-mowing service. The lawn-mowing season lasts for 20 weeks. The weekly fee for mowing a lot less than 400 square feet is $25. The fee for a lot that is 400 square feet or more, but fewer than 600 square feet, is $35 per week. The fee for a lot that is 600 square feet or over is $50 per week. Prompt the user for the length and width of a lawn, and then print the weekly mowing fee, as well as the 20-week seasonal fee. Save the class as To the Lawn class, add a prompt that asks the user whether the customer wants to pay Once, Twice, or 20 times per year. If the user enters 1 for once, the fee for the season is simply the seasonal total. If the user requests two payments, each payment is half the seasonal fee plus $5 service charge. If the user requests 20 separate payments, add a $3 service charge per week. Display the number of payments the customer must make, each payment amount, and total for the season. Save the class as

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