LEG 215 Legal Brief vs. Legal Memorandum" Question 1



LEG 215 Legal Brief vs. Legal Memorandum" Question 1 From the e-Activity, summarize two (2) of the seven (7) steps to writing a great legal memorandum, and examine the importance of each summarized step in both legal and non-legal writing. Give one (1) example of each summarized step and its use in legal and non-legal writing. Question 2 Compare and contrast the legal brief and the legal memo. Explain the point when you believe the memorandum becomes a brief. Provide support for your position. e-Activity: “BigLaw 101: How to Write Your 1st Professional Legal Memo”, LEG 320 Drug Abuse and Terrorism" 

Question 1 From the e-Activity, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana to treat medical illness. In states that have legalized it, are there any unintended negative consequences? Next, report on your state's current law. Is your state considering legalizing the use of medical marijuana? Are there any bills in your state's legislature that have made it to a vote? Or, has your state already legalized it? Take a position on whether or not you agree with your state's current law on the use of medical marijuana. 

Question 2 Discuss three (3) ways in which terrorists obtain financial backing to support their terrorist activities. Next, suggest one (1) tactic that local law enforcement agencies could take in order to prevent terrorist financing overall. Provide rationale to support your response. 

Question 3 The United Nations estimates there are currently 30 million slaves worldwide including women, men, and children. In the U.S., there are reportedly 500,000 slaves. Watch this Frontline video about human trafficking. Summarize the video and express your reactions to what you learned about human trafficking and ways you can fight it., see: 15 Ways You Can Stop Human TraffickingQuestion 1 Death Penalty" Read the article titled, “Does Death Penalty Save Lives? A New Debate” &. Next, take a stand for or against the death penalty and discuss the effectiveness of the death penalty in preventing murders. Identify and discuss one (1) major difference between State Tort Cases and Federal Section 1983.

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