Literary Essay on a Short Story (Solved)



ENGL 100
Literary Essay on a Short Story

This is an exercise in constructing an argument about work or works of literature. You must construct a strong, original argument in response to one of the following questions, structure your piece as a thesis essay, and support your argument with appropriate quotations from the primary work, meaning the story or poem itself. 
Secondary research (in which you read someone else’s view of the story) is not required for this assignment, and I would strongly prefer that you did not do any secondary reading. I would like you to practice dealing with a literary text in your own way, performing an act of interpretation without support from literary critics. I encourage you to be confident in your own views.
Next time, for our third assignment, we will bring in secondary sources and we will have the necessary conversations about how to evaluate sources and how to quote properly.
If, of your own accord, you decide to consult a secondary source (again: I prefer that you don’t), please make sure you are acknowledging that source properly. If you do not own the MLA Handbook (8th edition), you will find the OWL Purdue source a useful tool.


1) Discuss the theme of misreading in Margaret Atwood’s “My Last Duchess.” If we read literature poorly, how does that contribute to our inability to “read” the world in which we live? In Atwood’s story, what doesn’t the narrator understand about the poem and what doesn’t she understand about her life? Can you see a correlation?

You need to refer Margaret Atwood’s “My Last Duchess.” for this assignment


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