You will create a kiosk-type self-timed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on one or more restaurant or lodging technology trends (e.g., mobile applications for customers, cloud computing applications, social networks as a marketing tool for hotels and restaurants, biometrics, reputation management software, iPad apps, energy management technologies, guest centric technologies,PCI Compliance/security, preventing hacking incidents,  big data, developing technology, Wi-Fi/bandwidth, robotics, etc.) that is having a significant impact on the hospitality and tourism industry. You can base your presentation on one or more articles. Assume that you will play this presentation at a trade show (e.g., Chicago National Restaurant Association Show or New York Hotel Motel Show).  This presentation will have at least 10 slides where one or more technologies are presented. The first slide will have your name a on it and the presentation title. The  last slide will  have article references. You are also required to submit the assignment in the  .ppsx format.

Please look at the following criteria. 

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