Lusitania Disaster * Just a summary—be careful not to get too bogged down in details here



Point saving tip: The paper must include substantive coverage of 3 major psychology of disaster concepts--don't just identify and describe them while devoting bulk of the work to event history and data. You must apply the concepts to the two disasters in ways that a naive (intelligent but uninformed) reader would understand. Be sure to include an introduction that briefly summarizes the two disasters to be discussed and a section at the end of paper that briefly summarizes the paper's content. Please Note! Students most often lose serious points on this assignment for two reasons--first, copying from published works which is a BIG no-no, and, second, spending too much paper time on history and incident comparisons (some students do the latter because they are more comfortable with their ability to repeat facts than with applying course concepts, but the point-penalty is the same regardless of the reason). Additionally, you must include at least 5 source citations in APA style format both in the paper body and listed on a “References” page at the end of the paper. You may cite your course text as one of the references, and articles from the Resources tab, the APUS Online Library and/or Internet resources (scholarly or news pieces only) where applicable. Organize the paper with the following headings (without the numbers): 1) Lusitania Disaster * Just a summary—be careful not to get too bogged down in details here 2) * Just a summary—again, don’t get too bogged down in details 3) Disaster Similarities and Dissimilarities * Two or three is plenty for each 4) Three Major Psychology of Disaster Concepts Applied to the Disasters * This is the meat of your paper, should take up at least a third of it, and must be more than just definitions -- include concrete examples of how one can apply them to the disasters. 5) Summary

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