Management information systems: Systems analysis and design - UML



Management information systems: Systems analysis and design - UML

Do ONE of the exercises A., B. OR C.

Please answer all parts to the question and see attachment for additional criteria.

Chapter 13, Option 1 (Chapter 13: Installation and Operations)

With your team or individually, do one of the exercises A., B. or C. (“Suppose you are

installing…”) on page 503 of the textbook. Remember to provide the URL’s for the web

sites and references for any other materials you are using in formulating your response.

You must be clear about which parts of the assignment you have borrowed from the

resources you reference and which parts are your own contributions. See “How to

reference” below about using other authors’ work as part of your text.

Your assignment has to have at least five references:

For each assignment, create a word document, which contains the questions, your

responses to the questions and a reference list. You need to reference your sources

within the text (see below) throughout the document and additionally provide a complete

reference list at the end of the document.

You must use ONE of the following eight top academic MIS journal as your guide to

how to reference. You can find these journals at the UH library databases.

Management Information Systems Quarterly

Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Information Systems Research

Journal of Information Technology

Journal of Information Systems

European Journal of Information Systems

Journal of Management Information Systems

Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

You need to mention the journal you used as your referencing guide in the beginning of

the reference list of your assignment response. For example:


My (Our) referencing style is from the Management Information Systems Quarterly


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