Managerial Communication :Recruitment and Hiring



Managerial Communication

Topic: Recruitment & Hiring

Chapters 13

Use the narrowed topic you chose in Activity Sheet 8 and the search results to write a 5-page

trend report (Figure 13.4) in APA or MLA documentation style. Your trend report must include

sources found at the college library. Follow the steps below to complete your trend report.

1. Imagine that you work for a company that is seeking recommendations on how to solve

a business problem or overcome a business challenge related to your narrowed topic.

The only aspects of your report that will be factual are the trends. You can fashion the

rest to complete the report.

2. Write a 5-page trend report. Your trend report should 1) provide background and

explain the problem your company is facing 2) substantiate trends (what others are

doing and saying about the problem) 3) provide your recommendations to solving the

problem as it relates to your company. In other words, your report will be saying to top

management “Here is the problem we are having, here is what I found, and here is what

I recommend we do to solve the problem.”

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