Market Analysis Report



Scenario Summary

In this scenario, you are the VP of marketing for a product-based new venture. The firm has recently been

formed and has launched its first products. You have been instructed by the founder and CEO, Mr. Joe

Johnson, to develop a detailed market analysis for your firm.

Your Role/Assignment

You are the vice president of marketing for Eco-Friendly Nursery, a small, newly formed nursery that

specializes in raising and selling environmentally friendly plants and flowers to flower shops locally, as well as

to walk-in customers. Using only organic pesticides and environmentally friendly procedures, your company

prides itself on the way its green methods are changing the way nurseries are run throughout the area and

eventually the world. You have been asked by Mr. Johnson, owner of Eco-Friendly Nursery, to research and

write a marketing analysis for your company and industry.


For this assignment, you will draft a two- to three-page market analysis report that will be given to Mr.

Johnson, founder and CEO of Eco-Friendly Nursery. This analysis should draw upon the material given in this

course in addition to any outside research that you need to conduct in order to complete the report.

Be sure to listen closely to Mr. Johnson and Ms. Samantha Smith, chief horticulturist and champion of this eco-

friendly nursery, because they will give you clues on the type of information they want in this market analysis.

They are counting on your to help drive business to their new company. This analysis could make or break the

firm. Good luck!

NOTES: *Demonstrate a strong grasp of the problem at hand. Demonstrate understanding of how the course

concepts apply to the problem. Be sure to include the basic concepts and criteria of a market analysis in the

entrepreneurial marketing setting. Show creativity with the assignment, and outline interesting ways to create

the proposal.

*Write your answer clearly and succinctly using strong organization and proper grammar. Use citations

correctly. Is it two or three pages? The CEO wants a short report that is concise; going over the allotted three

pages will be penalized.

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