Market Structure, Competition, and the Role of Small Business



Market Structure, Competition, and the Role of Small Business

(5 points maximum)

1. [Brynjolfsson & Kahin] How will the development of infomediaries and shopbots

effect competition on the Internet?

2. [Brynjolfsson & Kahin] Will the importance of brand decrease with the

development of third-party rating sites?

3. [Brynjolfsson & Kahin] Will established retailers be able to leverage existing

physical assets when competing with pure-play Internet sites?

4. [Brynjolfsson & Kahin] How will the structure of firms adapt to the new digital


5. [Brynjolfsson & Kahin] In the opening remarks of this chapter, the author suggests

that “technology changes, economic laws do not.” Yet, as the historical economic

expansion of the U.S. economy unfolded over the past 10 years, much ado was

made about our ‘new economy’ and how this new economic climate - underpinned

by technology - would cause a re-write of aging economic textbooks. Which

argument do you favor, namely (a) That technology changes and economic

principles do not, or (b) That technology causes new maxims of economic thought?

(Use your own thoughts and words, please.)

Answer each question as fully as you are able in no less than 2 complete paragraphs.

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