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Could any of you kindly assist with my SNHU final project paper in QSO-500; Business Research? Attached is the assignment rubric and guidelines.

Please any help is highly appreciated!


The Textbook is called Research Methods for Business: A Skill-Building Approach 7e. By U. Sekaran & R. Bougie

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 I am attaching an article called Diversity Management: An Organisational Culture Audit To Determine Individual Differences that is used for module 2 plus instruction.
Prompt: Read the Introduction and Literature Review sections of the article Diversity Management: An Organisational Culture Audit to Determine Individual Differences, and offer a critique of the author’s literature review. Specifically, your short paper must address the following: 
1. Identify the theories that ground the problem. Cite examples from the literature review. 2. Discuss any biases and limitations you identify in the literature review. Does the author present these biases and limitations? 3. Does the literature review follow the guidelines presented in Chapter 4 of your textbook? What elements from the text are present, and what elements are lacking? 
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QSO500 Module 2 Reading Diversity Management An Organisational Culture Audit To Determine Individual Difference.pdf
Milestone One: Draft of Business Problem and Literature Review (See Reading Attached)
What Are Ethical Considerations in Business Research?
This article provides an overview of ethical considerations in business research. This article will support the development of your first final project milestone due in this milestone.
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QSO 500 What Are Ethical Considerations in Business Research. Reading Article.docx

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