Metacognitive Thinking Skills Assignment

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 Metacognitive Thinking Skills Assignment: Read the sections about Self-Knowledge and Option Knowledge on pages 63 & 64. Using metacognitive thinking skills helps to make clear, precise, strong and stable statements about your interest, skills, and values. Create clear, concise statements of how you think about your personal characteristics (interests, values, skills). Take time to clarify these statements to describe clearly what is of interest, what is important, and what you do well.

Use the headers below in creating your statements:




Once you have developed these statements about yourself, it is important to determine if they are too rigid. Use metacognitivethinking skills to revise your statements based on experiences you had that may have influenced your decision to avoid certain career choices. Example 1- I am not good at math because I failed algebra in high school (All jobs that require some math skills do not require you to remember the quadratic formula) Example 2- I will never be a leader because I don’t like speaking out loud in front of people. (All leadership positions do not require you to speak regularly out loud to your colleagues for you to be considered a leader) Example 3- I want to pursue a particular profession, but my family thinks I need to be an accountant because my dad and brother are both accountants.(If you do not enjoy accounting, will you be happy in this career ?)

Remember positive metacognitions about self-knowledge include information from many experiences instead of a single particularly good or bad experience.

*Use the guide for creating more positive thoughts- top of page 64 to assist you with positive metacognitive thinking. Consider the information on pg. 64 as it relates to exercising positive metacognitive thinking as it relates to option knowledge.

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