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Each question is worth 10 points.  Give your best answer.  Please use the same numbering and restate the question at the beginning of your answer.  When you are done place the exam in the Assignments Area.  

What is mobile architecture and what are some of the design considerations?
What is the difference between disruptive and sustaining technology?
Describe the difference between Mobile, Cloud and Embedded systems.
Explain/Describe the role time plays in distributed systems and why it is difficult to manage.

  • Your bank subsidiary acquires a bank group in Wisconsin.  Your mission is to plan the consolation of data and services and to roll out new software.
  • Create organizational architecture
  • Plan build and rollout of a new proprietary software application.

Case I

You are an IT architect for a fortune 500 financial conglomerate.  The company is highly diversified and your portfolio of products contains a large national bank brand, an international investment house, a national mortgage provider and a commodities brokerage.  You are publically held and your stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  Your objective for this scenario are:

For this consideration of the following dimensions may help you:

Explain the goals of a distributed system.

Describe 2 architectural Models of distributed systems.

Find and use a Fault Capacity, Performance and Security model and apply it.

 Explain why the concept of time is problematic in a multi-server multinational environment.

Explain the role of middleware.

Describe n-Tiered architecture.

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