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Choose a company, school, organization, or other entity (real or imagined) and choose a project that it may need to complete. For this entity, create a project plan in Microsoft Project that has the following characteristics:

  • At least 5 tasks, three of which must have at least 2 subtasks.
  • At least 3 resources with standard and overtime rates
  • In the notes section of the first task, describe the project and important milestones.
  • At least 3 tasks must have predecessors.
  • All subtasks must have resources assigned.
  • The project must be scheduled according to the finish date, not the start date

Approximately half of your grade will be an evaluation of your use of MS Project and meeting the above requirements. The remainder will be an evaluation of your project plan itself. For example, you may receive points for having the three requisite predecessors in Project, but if a subtask can't begin prior to the completion of another and that is not indicated in Project, you can lose points.

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