Module 2 Excel AYK1 C (Solved)



Module 2 Excel AYK1 C

You have been introduced to Microsoft Excel and are ready to begin using it to help track your monthly expenses and take charge of your financial destiny. The first step is to create a personal budget so you can see where you are spending money and if you need to decrease your monthly expenses or increase your monthly income.

This assignment includes several Excel skills you must learn

    1. Creating formulas to add/subtract cell contents into another cell
    2. Using the Sum() function to total the contents of a column

Excel technical help can be located in several places.

    1. Tech Plugins 2, 3 and 4 from the textbook
    2. Microsoft Office Help and Training: (Links to an external site.)
    3. YouTube videos

Watch the demonstration video in the Excel Directions and Resources link in Canvas. Then download the AYK1_Data_Version.xlsxPreview the document file and follow the directionsPreview the document to modify the file using Excel. Upload the modified file to the link in this assignment.

  • Directions and grade weights
    1. Put your name in cell B3 of the Financial Destiny tab. Format smaller (5)
    2. Cells E8 and E12 sum the cell above them (0.5)
    3. Columns E & J calculate the difference between planned and actual (1.5)
    4. Subtotal rows sum down (1.5)
    5. Cell J61 adds/sums subtotal rows C & H (1.5)
    6. Cell J63 adds/sums subtotal rows D & I (1.5)
    7. Cell J65 adds/sums subtotal rows E & J (1.5)
    8. Cell J6 is Projected Monthly Income minus Total Projected Cost (0.5)
    9. Cell J8 is Actual Monthly Income minus Total Actual cost (0.5)
    10. Cell J10 is Actual Balance minus Projected Balance (0.5)

Save the completed assignment file to your desktop and then upload it to the link in this assignment to be graded.

Instruction Files

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