module 4 - CaseManaging Organizational ChangeCase Assignment



module 4 - CaseManaging Organizational ChangeCase Assignment For this assignment, first, do a thorough review of the required background materials and read up on each author’s discussion about Kotter’s eight step model of change, Lewin’s three-step model, and the five steps involved in action research. All of the authors discuss at least one of these models. There are also some optional videos on some of these models that might help. When you are done reviewing these models of organizational change, take a look at the scenarios described in Questions 1-3. For each of these scenarios, explain which of the three models of change would be most appropriate for this situation. Finally, Question 4 is a summary question that you should also answer using the required readings. Explain your reasoning for each of your answers to the four assignment questions, and use at least one of the required readings to support each answer. You are required to cite at least one of the required videos or tutorials and two of required readings in your paper. Your paper should be four to five pages in length:

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