Monitoring and evaluation plan for your security awareness program



Write a 4- to 6-page paper, in APA format, that maps out a monitoring and evaluation plan for your security awareness program. Make sure that your plan includes the following:

  • A tracking mechanism to monitor the relevant security topics, who has been trained, the frequency of the training, and how you will confirm that the training is ongoing   
  • An evaluation and feedback mechanism to gather data on how well the training is working; this information will also allow you to find gaps in the existing training that need to be closed; examples include status reports, interviews, and focus groups 
  • An identification and description of at least two security awareness metrics you would employ to track the progress of the SAP; for example, a “Computer Logged On” metric can be introduced to keep track of how many people leave their computers logged in when they are away from their desk  
  • An explanation of how you would deploy the metrics you selected;  for instance, to accurately measure the effectiveness of a poster intended to discourage certain behavior, you might measure employee behavior both before and after these posters are placed throughout the office; periodic measurements can indicate if the posters are enough, or if additional awareness training is needed
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