Movies Incorporated is owned and operated by McKenna Applegate since 1955. She has four full-time employees who currently work for her.

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Narrative Description

Movies Incorporated is owned and operated by McKenna Applegate since 1955. She has four full-time employees who currently work for her. McKenna would like to expand her business and create a more efficient way of how they handle data. McKenna has approached you and needs a way to track all of their movies in a database. Currently information is saved in excel files, word documents, and pdf files. The files are usually printed and stored in a binder. When requesting reports, such as how many movies Robert Downey Jr. has been in, this can take weeks since all the information is kept in several locations and not always easily accessible.

Many times, her employees have given inaccurate information. McKenna would like all the information saved in one location, a database, so reports can be run in a timely manner.

Identification of the Information


The use of word file, excel file and pdf file does not keep the data intact and the data gets scattered or lost and the data is not found in the proper time. The data are also not easily accessible so to access all the data the best solution is to create a database and incorporate all the movies list into the database where the movies list can be accessed easily. Having an organized movie database will help to categorize the movies into different genres of the actor. The movies will be based on the actor working with different directors such as Jon Favereu, Anthony and Joe Russo, Shane Black, Joss Whedon, Guy Ritchie, Todd Philips, George Clooney, etc. The different genre of the movie where the actor have worked and the genres such as horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, drama, adventure, action, mystery, romantic, comedy, rom-com, etc. The list of the movie where the actor have co-acted with different actors and the actor were Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johnson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude



Law, Samuel L. Jackson, etc. The character roles played by the actor are being based on the legendary character Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Highman, Nathan Gardner are the characters that have been portrayed by the actor. There will be different list in the database being associated with the actors work and the actor film will be listed accordingly. The reason to choose Robert Downey Jr. because he is a versatile actor who have done many characters in the films which are being remarkable and the actor have stood at par with his acting skills. He has acted in a number of movies and the genres was very different from each movie as all the movies have different content of the story and also the directors were different in each and every movie. So these are the reasons why Robert Downey Jr is choose as the actor. This database will help to provide the movies list accordingly and it will be in the sequential order so that the list can be found easily by the database and also the company would be in a great position to access the database whenever and get all the data easily.

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