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Begin by naming the law or court ruling, and provide a one- to three- sentences summary of it. Discuss why this law or court ruling is so meaningful to you. Based on the analogy of "the runner and the track" described in both the unit lesson and the video clip listed in this week's readings, discuss the potential barriers that may have obstructed the track lane of runners in this demographic group, which prompted this law The metaphor used by Ms. Crenshaw (2007) described a track and various lanes associated with a runner from a demographic group. The track the slaves were on was created by the predominant American culture (Slave owners). The conditions were not the same. The slave was property and seldom made his/her way to the track. They had minimal education, no rights, and controlling owners. The cheap labor created great wealth for many Southerners. It was to their benefit to create and maintain advantages on the track.

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