National Patient Safety Goals Paper assignment help



National Patient Safety Goals Paper (40 points)

The Joint Commission (JC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization. They accredit and

certify more than 19,000 health care organizations, including Long Term Care facilities (LTC) in

the United States. The Joint Commission had established, and updates yearly, the National

Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).

Your assignment is to choose one of the Long Term Care NPSG’s. Then, research your

chosen topic and write a 750 word APA paper. Your paper will include the following information:

  •  Describe the NPSG you chose and why (Be sure to write in the voice of the third


  •  Describe the concerns related to this goal.
  •  What are the consequences to patient safety if the goal is not achieved?
  •  What are the evidence-based practice solutions you have found in your research?
  •  Use APA format. Follow the APA example loaded in Blackboard under “resources” on

the home page for this course.

  •  Use only peer-reviewed articles published within the past 5 years.
  •  No Wikipedia
  •  No .com’s. Only .org, .edu, .gov
  •  Have a minimum of 3 references. (You may use the NPSG website as one reference).
  •  Two (2) references must be peer-reviewed and from a reputable NURSING JOURNAL.

CINAHL is a good place to start.

  •  When writing a paper, use only third person. Do not use terms like ‘me,” or “I”.
  •  You may use as many references as necessary to complete your paper.

Follow the link and choose the Long Term Care goals for 2017:

Instruction Files

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