Needs to be done on access Pictures would be helpful it confuses me Database Queries II MovinOn

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Needs to be done on access. Pictures would be helpful, it confuses me. Database – Queries II (MovinOn) 1. Create a “Crosstab” query showing the average miles (JobDetail table) by Quarter for each possible combination of “PickupState, DestinationState”. (i.e., WA, WA or OR, OR basically make this a calculated field) The output should look like: Use a “Make Table” query to create a table of ex-employees for those employees that left in February or March of 2013. Use a “Delete” query to delete those employees from the previous question. Use an “Append” query to add the employees that have an End Date that is left in the Employee table. Update the Employee’s Hourly Pay who are: • Paid hourly • who live in Wyoming,• who has been with the company for 4 or more years by 10%. Create a phone list of Employees and Drivers. Alphabetized by Last, First, all together. *****Would be helpful to provide pics of all the stuff from access so i understand what goes where.

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