Neolithic and paleolithic age



The transition from the small nomadic clans of 30 to 60 people during the paleolithic era to the large settlements of the neolithic era directly relates to agriculture. during the paleolithic the people were always moving and never establishing a settlement. these early people had no need for multiple facets and structures of an established society. with the start of agriculture people of neolithic era started to create larger and larger groups, forming villages out of neccessity. the benefits of forming these groups was the added safely and security of being in a group. they were safe from bandits and anyone else who would take thier land or possesion. they were also able to create surplus of goods with the amount of forms in the settlement. the surplus of goods enabled trade of good and with trade came prosperity. with the change of their dynamic froup, they needed to change how they made decisions and governed themselves. they needed new laws and ways to enforce these laws. out of this need a centralized ''government'' was established. creation of these laws was done by the cheiftain and councel members. the laws they created would govern disputes and interactions on these peoples property, and the laws would cover trade practices. if we look specifically at the king of egypt, we see a centralized ruling that controlled everything. the king controlled all the land, controlled the taxes and controlled the creation and enforcement of laws. the evolution of hunter-gather nomadic tribes of egypt transformed into one of the largest and most prosperous civilizations of the early world. all it took was the black fertile soil of the Nile River to change thier entire dynamic of their people. enabling them to settle, cultivate the land and raise animals for food. soil was the catalyst to take a leader in a small group and over the centuries transformed the position into a king and god.

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