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For the new product in form of software application that is used to trail and monitor the

inventory of the resources and materials in high demand by clients for the business operations,

we offers different things about the new application development to be adopted and executed for

usage by our firm. We recommend the purpose and concept of the new product to be launch to

use in the corporation. The foundation of the new application for tracking and observing goods

includes the necessities of the clients for this application, advantages, worth, prospects, reasons

for procuring the application for practice to order food from the online service of the restaurant

business. The new product plan offers strategic analysis that proposed application product or

inventory tracking or management Application satisfies the business processes and strategies.

The forecast analysis is needed to check the investment, expenditure estimation, analysis through

learning curve as well as money needs for forecasting and assessing the ROI of the new

application used in the corporation. Lastly, we will give some brief discussion on the

development schedule and testing of the new product for our business besides time constraints

and possible concerns arriving in the development and implementation of new inventory

software for the business operations.

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