news release that announces your organizational change to external stakeholders.



COM-510 Topic 6 Communications Plan Portfolio: News Release Template

Write a 500-750-word news release that announces your organizational change to external stakeholders. Please use the template below to ensure it is written in an industry-standard format typically used in press releases. Once you have completed writing the news release, delete the template prompts so that only your news release remains. 




Contact Person

Organization Name 

Voice Phone Number

FAX Number

Email Address

Website URL


<City>, <State>, <Date> - The first paragraph. Start your press release with a two- to three-sentence paragraph that provides a quick synopsis of the organizational change and why it is important. It should read effortlessly and make your organizational change sound exciting to a general audience.

Next, provide some background information on the organizational change. Make sure to write your release in terms that internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, your target audience, and the general public will understand. Do not use industry terminology; or if you must, provide definitions to terms that readers might not comprehend or understand. 

Your text should explain the background, purpose, and benefits of your proposed organizational change, and intrigue the readers to find out more, visit your website, contact you for more information, or take on your organizational change at their own organizations. Use ethical strategies to persuade the reader to take the desired actions. This should take several paragraphs.


The last paragraph should be a brief description of your organization and the products and services it provides. Include a brief history of the company. Also include "For more information, contact:" as the last sentence where you will put your name and email address or phone number.

- END -

At the conclusion of the news release, you need to signify that the release is ended. The typical method of transmitting your release was via fax, and this is the best way to let journalists know they have received the entire release. Type "End" on the first line after your text is completed. If your release goes over one page, type "MORE" at the bottom of the first page. Then retype the title and the date on page two, so there is no question which release the second page goes with. 

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