Niccolò Machiavelli (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)



Aram Hessami POLI 221-Spring 2017

What Would Machiavelli Say?

Here is the instruction for your Third paper. The question before you is this:

Based on what we have read of the Discourses, what would Machiavelli say

about our American Republic and what advice would he give to President Trump?

The paper must be no more than one page long. Times New Roman is the font

you must use. The size of the font must be 12. It must be single-spaced. And the Margins

must be 0.5. These are all “standard” Microsoft Word settings. 

In short, look carefully at

the instructions that you are presently reading and follow them.

You must substantiate your claim by making specific references to what we

have read of the Discourses. Devote half of your paper to each question.

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