Non-profit Organization.



What should be included in this executive summary? more specifically, what would the specific functions be? The instructions are as follows and the narrative is attached. 

 1.Executive Overview 

Write a 1½-2 page description of your team’s initial analysis of the business scenario as it pertains to the design of a database application.  Write this as though you are writing to the client for whom you are performing the analysis.  You should communicate a clear description of what the system being designed is to accomplish.  Describe the specific functions that your system is to perform.  Be detailed.  This overview should communicate to the client exactly what the proposed system will be capable of doing.   Thus, focus on how specific business functions of the organization will be supported by the proposed system.  (If you have made any significant assumptions in your analysis that affect the design of your system, include these here.)  Then, briefly (approximately one paragraph, total) list and describe the other sections in this phase’s deliverable package.  Close the overview by briefly (approximately one paragraph) describing what will be done in Phase II of the project. 

Instruction Files

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