Now a days all construction projects faces many problems in their work. Out of these many problems one problem that has been taken into consideration in study is the personnel management in construction projects.





Now a days all construction projects faces many problems in their work. Out of these many problems one problem that has been taken into consideration in  study is the personnel management in construction projects. Even if we see that it is construction only who uses more manpower in its projects than other fields but still their human resources are not enough and insufficient. So all the problems  occurring in personnel management in construction projects should be identified and proper improvement methods need to be made for better completion of constructon projects for their success .As a result of the study it shows that there is awareness among contractors regarding importance of personnel management for the successful completion of project . Some problems of personnel  management in the construction projects have been identified. There were project managers’ role defined and proper communication between team members and managers but the insufficient teamwork. Some improvement methods have been discovered  mainly , more communication among team members, more experienced project manager and  more skilled workers. Keywords: successful  development, construction, personnel management, improvement, successful project completion .


Summary :


Personnel management can be defined as obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce . It is a significant part of management concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization. Personnel management involves different functions such as employment, development and compensation- all these given  functions are performed accordingly  by the personnel management in consultation with all other departments. Personnel management is next level to general management. They are more concerned with promoting and managing competent work force to do their fullest contribution for  the company . The HRM is very important in every company , even in field of construction . The personnel management in construction is quite tough to manage . Personnel management represent the large amount of costs on these most construction projects and the construction industry is employeeing wide  range of people from different occupational cultures and backgrounds that  includes people of various sectors like  unskilled, craft, managerial, professional and administrative positions .These different groups of employees are operating as labour force together as a team to complete short-term project objectives . This is how the industry’s project-based structure is build with many disparate organisations which are working together in order to achieve both shared project objectives and individual organisational goals. These objectives may be compatible and they might not cope up with people’s personal objectives, which in result can cause competing demands for those who are working within project-based environments. Hence all these features makes construction projects one of the most challenging projects to manage people effectively for ensuring that they are  contributing properly to organisational success. Various surveys have been  conducted in many construction companies and site by preparing a questionnaire for the accomplishment of the research objective. The main common observations based on this study as recommendation are as follows : Retaining the available workforce  properly  by giving bonuses, overtime ; opportunities, loyalty rewards, and promotions can be given to workers as incentives to encourage workers commitment and increasing wage levels ; Sharing the available workforce with other contractors or employers if possible ;  New workers may work on part time basis during their free time to develop a hands-on experience ;  Skill development training institutes can be developed ; Friendly environment should be made through which mangers, staffs and workers can discuss and learn from each other and such work environment should be created to motivate employee’s innovative and personal commitment. As you can see managing an HR strategy for a construction company is challenging. The issues are far reaching and diverse, and due to other factors such as notice periods and other aspects, there can be no doubt that HR requires a skilled team integrated into the management framework from the very beginning.

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