Nurses in all area of health care routinely encounter disturbing moral issues.



Discussion Board III: Ethics

Ethics and the APRN Role

Nurses in all area of health care routinely encounter disturbing moral issues. APRNs are expected not only to lead the discussion in recognizing and resolving moral problems, but also serve as role models, creating ethical practice environments and promoting social justice. 

Choose one of the following ethical issues that NPs encounter in primary care:

    • Patient refusal of appropriate treatment
    • Inappropriate patient requests
    • Pressures to see increasingly complex or busy patient load
    • Uninformed patients
    • Inadequate reimbursement
    • Pain Management
    • Interprofessional conflicts 


Include the following in your initial post: Provide a short example of an ethical issue relating to your chosen issue above. Using the weekly content and other resources, demonstrate your understanding of ethical decision making, by discussing how you might successfully address a situation like this should you encounter it as an APRN.

Respond to at least two student's posts with the following:

  • Provide an alternate view to the solution proposed by your peer
  • Provide an experience you have encountered that speaks to your peer's ethical situation


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