Online Banking System



Please read the instructions below and ensure they are followed.

Developing deliverables using the scenario in Part I (attached). Each deliverable should take a minimum of one page (Total 1000 words combined). Include citations throughout, as necessary. Deliverables are as follows:

1. System OverviewDefine the system architecture and what components will be developed. Identify functional elements in your system architecture and link your requirements to them. Notes: The system overview and design show how you will create your system. There should be a clear link to requirements, but the system overview can go further by defining what your system looks like behind the scenes.

2. System DesignCreate a UML diagram that illustrates the major components of the system and how they relate to one another. (You can use PowerPoint, Visio, or an approved graphics program to create this.) Notes: Graphic representation of what you state in the overview. At a minimum, use UML to display the major components of your system (software, hardware, users, etc.) and how it all interconnects. Consider expanding further to include a diagram of what information is collected from each module, or perhaps a state chart for the user as they access your system.

3. Wireframe PrototypeCreate a visual wireframe prototype of what your software might look like. You can use PowerPoint, Visio, or any approved graphics program to create a wireframe. For more tools on wireframing, check out

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Final Project Part 1.docx

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