This project is related to Shopping behavior of Hispanic customers.

This is a PowerPoint presentation that summaries the primary and secondary research completed in this course. There is no maximum number of slides. References and sources must be indicated if used from published documents.  Clear, simple, and easy to read information and data will receive the best grades. Caution: be sure to not include too much information on a single slide in the presentation deck.

Which was the Primary and secondary Report??? ---- 

Secondary Report

The ten-page report that investigates the online shopping behavior of Hispanic customers. This should include the frequency of usage, demographic profiles for online buyers, attitudes about the process, and purchase rates compared to traditional in-store shopping. The report must include citation of sources, website links to secondary source documents, and attachments relevant to Hispanic online shopping.



His is a three to five-page report based on a combination of personal interviews, focus groups, and survey research questionnaire. The topic is a comparison of paper and online coupons, especially the preferences, needs, and value to Hispanic shoppers. This must also include a short recommendation about the type of coupons to be offered, and the most productive category for coupon redemption.

This was the professor Feedback. 

While you wrote a good paper with excellent integrity and composition, there were a few things that could have been used to improve the quality of your hard work.

1. Many of the citations were old, certainly by Internet standard, since as anything earlier than 2010. There was one dating back to 1992 (Minor). This particular was very good in its information, but it should be more current. 

2. The resources you use to find data can be different the the numbers compiled, and the method used to put them together. For example, the number of Hispanics in a city population in 2010 did NOT include Miami. Here is one other source that I found that will show you differences.

3. You had more information about Hispanic consumers than their ONLINE shopping behavior. This was the focus  of the assignment, and more should be expected on this topic. While this might have been hard to find, you did bring out many excellent points, about the "trust" factor.

So, it was a very good paper, but did not fully explore the topic of online shopping behavior, especially since the Hispanic population is so large and a significant part of the American marketing landscape. 

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