Organizing Information and Research



Focus on Positive & Negative Messaging, Organizing Information and Research Portfolios are a series of tasks or communications compiled into one file. Please complete the following assignments in the exact order listed. Each assignment should be at least one page in length, but all should be submitted in ONE document. Submit this as ONE Microsoft Word document. Name the file JonesM -PORTFOLIO Week One [Replace "Jones" with your name and place the initial from your first name immediately following.] Click on Week Two Portfolio to attach you assignment. 1. Write a Formal Letter: Use Format on Page 131. PERSUASIVE LETTER: Asking an organization to accept Student Interns (page 211, Exercise 12.14, letter (a.) As Director of Internship Programs at City College, you have more would-be interns than intern positions. Write a Formal Letter asking companies to accept student interns. Be sure to order you response with main points details negatives (address any resistance) reader benefits goodwill 2. Write a Memo: Use Format on Page 138 REPORTING A PROBLEM: Please complete Assignment 11.10, Item "e" (page 182). In any organization, things sometimes go wrong. Write a memo reporting a problem and recommending a solution. Be sure to objective in your description. The best way to deliver bad news to superiors (page 191) Describe the problem

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