ou may complete this assignment in groups of 3 or 4. Regardless, each student must register themselves under a group in the “Groups” tab on Courselink.



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·         You may complete this assignment in groups of 3 or 4. Regardless, each student must register themselves under a group in the “Groups” tab on Courselink. Groups are labeled 1-53. If you would like to be in a group with people you know, please coordinate and select a group with your members. If not, you will be randomly assigned to a group.


·         To obtain your dataset:

1.     As per above, please register for your group.

2.     Please download the excel file labeled “Sept21620” located in the Courselink Content > Assignment.

3.     If asked, “This workbook contains macros. Do you want to disable macros before opening the file?” click “Enable Macros”

4.     Your group number on Courselink is your problem set number + 100. Therefore, if you are group 45 on Courselink, you would enter 145 into the problem set number box on the excel file. After entering the number click ENTER.


5.     After you have typed in your problem set number and clicked ENTER. Click the grey box on the excel file.

6.     After steps 4 and 5, all the numbers in your data set will change, and your total account value (located in cell H2) will not be 698,161. This is your group’s unique dataset for this assignment.

7.     WARNING: If you do not use your group’s dataset you will have different answers and obtain a 0 on the assignment.


·         To submit your assignment:

o    Upload an Excel file showing your results with each problem on a separate tab.

o    The name of each tab must correspond to each problem. (P1.1 to P2.4) There should be 7 tabs.

o    The name of the excel file must include your group number and the last names of all group members.

o    The names and student identification numbers should be present on the first page of the document.

o    Only one person from each group should submit the assignment.

o    Your documents must be submitted by one group member to the Data Analytics Dropbox before 11:59 pm on Friday, November 15th.


Case: To obtain data, please see instructions above.


TechWear is a privately owned business that began operations in March 2015. Its sole business is the manufacture and sale of upper-end, high-tech sportswear. It only sells to large distribution outlets. Its primary product is a line of lightweight exercise clothes that contain a new, long-range RFID chip that captures the following information about the user based on personal data (age, weight, etc.) entered by the user: 

      Heart rate

      Perspiration rate

      Calories burned

      Exercise efficiency (percent of capacity)

The chip is able to continuously send this information to a host device as far away as 15 miles. The clothes are also GPS enabled and able to track routes, distances and elevations. Management prides itself on being on the cutting edge. The company expects to conduct an IPO within a year or two. 

TechWear recently retained your firm as its auditors, largely because of your commitment to conduct a highly efficient, technology-enabled audit.


You are first responsible for performing a risk assessment of TechWear related to its order-to-cash function. Therefore, you know that your focus needs to be on sales and cash transactions. Your first task is to acquire the data for these transactions. You work with TechWear’s IT group to gain access to its sales and cash receipts data for its start-up period of operations. The data file includes the following fields:

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