outer join operations different from inner join operations outer union operation different from unions

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How are outer join operations different from inner join operations? How is the outer union operation different from unions? How does tuple relational calculus differ from domain relational calculus CH 9: Mapping EER Model Constructs to Relations Try to map the relational schema of Figure 6.14 into an ER schema. This is part of a process known as reverse engineering, where a conceptual schema is created for an existing implemented database. State any assumptions you make. Figure 9.8 shows an ER schema for a database that may be used to keep track of transport ships and their locations for maritime authorities. Map this schema into a relational schema, and specify all primary keys and foreign keys. CH 10: Database Programming Techniques What is ODBC? How it is related to SQL/CLI? List the three main approaches to database programming. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

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