Outline for the Consumption of Fast Food



Outline for the Consumption of Fast Food


Food is an important aspect of our daily life. The cars need fuel from time to time to

keep them functional and effective so is our bodies. However, unlike cars that need fuel,

our bodies require food which is that fuel that gives us the energy to stay active.

Thesis Statement:

It is clear evident that the consumption of fast food is increasing day after day. Sadly,

people tend to buy fast food instead of healthy green food. Nevertheless, people should

limit their consumption of eating fast food because it could be a direct reason for their

unhealthy body, destroying the economy, and shutting down businesses.

Main points to cover:

1) An unhealthy body causes diseases.

2) The effect of fast food on the economy

3) The effect of fast food on healthy food stores

Body paragraph# 1, supporting point

 Point: Fast food causes obesity which could be a reason for unhealthy lazy body

 Example: Fast food contains a tremendous amount of fat

Body paragraph# 2, supporting point

 Point: Fast food has a negative impact on the global economy

 Example: People will consume fast food and ignore other kinds of food which

results of an unbalance in the food markets


Body paragraph# 3, supporting point

 Point: The negative effect of a fast food store on other healthy food stores

 Example: People will prefer buying food from MacDonald’s instead of going to

Subway because of the price difference.



In conclusion, this expose has identified and discussed in depths the effects of fast food

on our health. Consumption of fast food poses great danger to our health and is a hub

of diseases like obesity, fast food also has negative effects on global economy and on

other healthy food stores. Therefore, people should cease or moderate consumption of

fast food. This can be achieved through initiating awareness that educates people on

the effects of fast food.

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