Overall strategy and insight on Tanglewood company



Here what the Instructor send to me about the attached file.

1. You are an external consultant that has been brought in to help Tanglewood with its staffing issues and to make a recommendation to the company about hiring.

2. Read pages 1-11 (of the case study) to get an overall strategy and insight on the company. 

3. Now go to page twelve(of the case study ), and you will find the first action step.  What it wants you to do is to begin developing a strategy for how you are going to work the rest of the case.  What you are to do is go to pages 26-32, and you will find 13 elements (a decision that needs to be made concerning staffing.  The first understaffing levels are to Acquire or Develop Talent; the last decision under staffing quality is Active or Passive Diversity.  Now go through all thirteen and decide that your strategy will be in each of the elements.  Page 12 will tell you how to proceed.  Once you are done, send it to me, and we will continue.

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