PESTAL Analysis about Small Compact Cars

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Pestle analysis for United Kingdom

Political - The UK is a monarchy that runs deep with the influence of parliamentary

system. It is a stable country with a lot of opportunities within the country. It is a fair country

with the public having large influence in inner workers. The politically stable government in

proactive making it even a more stable environment to operate a business.

Economic – It has a strong economy relative to other countries. The country has a high

GDP, the 5 th highest in the world and second in Europe and Germany. It also has a diverse

economy with a large population of small markets making a business profitable. It also has a

large economy diverse such that is has large public and private sector which operate in a free


Social Factors – The UK has an all-round system when it comes to social matters. It has a

lot of public services like health and education. It is also densely populated with a population of

more than 64.1 million residents which results to large and cheap work forces population for the

employers (McBrewster, 2011).

Technological Factors - The UK is part of a MEDC (More Economically Developed

Country) which means it has good access to technology. Other factors include quality innovation

skills, effective laws the guard intellectual property and plenty of internal competition that

stimulate growth.

Legal Factors - The country has strong policies that encourage trade that are applied

throughout Europe, for example, laws on emission from public transport. Legal factors that affect

trade and business are usually tied to the political factors in order to anticipate of future changes,

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