Philosophy of Existentialism



1) In what ways is the philosophy of Existentialism positive and life-affirming? In what ways is it negative and despairing? How does Sartre instruct us to act in and come to grips with life in an apparently meaningless universe? 2) In what ways do the painting and sculpture of the mid-Twentieth Century reflect a sense of alienation, anxiety, or emptiness? What may account for these feelings at this time? 3) How does Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City differ from his earlier designs of private residences? Does the museum share some common characteristics with his earlier buildings? 4) What different paths to freedom and equality did Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X offer to Black Americans? Why did each of them believe that their respective path would be long and dangerous? 5) Choose one of the works by African American writers on pp. 449-457 (454-461 in the 6th edition). How does the author define him/herself or Black Americans? What does the author suggest about how the larger white society defines him/her or Black Americans? Choose 2 questions, and use Word

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