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Sonnets have been a popular form of poetry since their introduction. You can find various types of sonnets in modern-day literature. Sonnets are carefully written, with each word having meaning and purpose. Pick two sonnets to analyze; one taken from the readings, and one of your choice that was written between 1900 and the present. The one from our reading is: Sonnets. Shakespeare, William. In Norton Anthology of English Literature, 8ed, by Greenblatt, Stephen, Abrams, M.H., David, Alfred, Lewalski, Barbara K., Lipking, Lawrence, Logan, George M., Maus, Katherine Eisaman, Noggle, James, Simpson, James. 8. Vol. 1, pp. 1058-1077. W.W. Norton and Company, 2006. (20 pages). Originally published as "Shake-speares Sonnets." Shakespeare, William. pp. 1-17. 1609. (17 pages). Permission granted for online use and to provide a single printed copy per purchase. Analyze the two sonnets by comparing and contrasting the sonnet form, including, but not limited to, purpose, rhyme scheme, and structure.

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