Privacy is the most pressing concern for the future of technology

general article writing



You are required to write an essay of 1500-1700 words on big data and

privacy on the proposition that "privacy is the most pressing concern for

the future of technology".

Your essay should aim to give a structured argument both for and against

the proposition, and a _nal

justi_cation for the side to which you incline. To both introduce the topic

and form your arguments, you might _nd it helpful to anser the following

sub questions: explain why big data technologies bring new privacy

challenges, how these challenges interact with law, morality, government

and trust, and what it means to resolve a privacy challenge and who the

players are; the issue about clash of values (whose values?, in what


There will be 100 Marks for this essay, 80 of which will be for argument

structure and persuasive ability of essay. The remaining 20 marks will be

for style of expression, (conciseness, use of facts, clarity), grammar and


This essay is mainly testing your understanding of how all the issues

pertaining to big data, privacy, cloud computing and smart-cities link


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