Programming Fundamentals -Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

computer science


COSC1437 Programming Fundamentals II / ITSE2457 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

The submission opens two days before the due day and closes right at the due time. It is students'

responsibility to submit timely and correctly in order to get credits. Students MUST start each project when it

is first discussed in class in order to complete it on time. All projects are individual projects. Each submission

must include all required documents. The last submission will be graded. Project due days may be changed to better

align with lectures.

If one of the following is true, no credits will be given:

  •  The project is late.
  •  The class design is missing.
  •  Wrong files are submitted or part of the source codes is submitted.
  • The project has errors.
  •  The comments are not complete.
  •  The project is a copy and modification of another student’s project. (Both will receive 0.)
  • Software Development General Project Rubric: (Design is worth 20%; the rest is worth 80 %.)
  • Analysis: There will be no credit if the software doesn’t meet customer specification at all.
  •  Does the software meet the exact customer specification?
  • Does the software read the exact input data and display the exact output data as they are shown in sample runs?
  • Does each class include all corresponding data and functionalities?
Design: There will be no credit if the design is missing.
  •  Is the main method algorithm an efficient solution?
  •  Does the main method algorithm convert the input data into the desired output data efficiently?
  •  Is the design (a UML class diagram) an efficient solution?
  •  Is the design created correctly?

Code: There will be no credit if there are errors.

  •  Are there errors in the software?
  •  Are code conventions and name conventions followed?
  •  Does the software use the minimum computer resource (computer memory and processing time)?
  •  Is the software reusable?
  •  Are there bugs in the software?
  • Documentation: There will be no credit if comments are not included.
  •  Class comments must be included in Javadoc format before a class header.
  •  Method comments must be included in Javadoc format before a method header.
  •  Javadoc comments must be included before each instance/static variable.
  •  More inline comments must be included in either single line format or block format inside each method body.
  •  All comments must be complete in the correct format.

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