Project is based on Business Statistics (Solved)



Project is based on Business Statistics: A First Course (7th Edition)

In the excel sheet, the raw data is given for Hybrid/Electric Cars survey done in US. I already specified the Numeric and Categorical Variables and the questions which we need to answer after applying all requirements below to these data (Numerical & Categorical) in “Data” Word File, in addition to conclusion.

Need to apply the following:

1-      Organizing and visualizing data:

Organizing Categorical Variables

·         The summary table

·         The contingency table

Organizing Numerical Variables

·         The ordered array

·         The frequency distribution

·         The relative frequency distribution and the percentage distribution

·         The cumulative distribution

Visualizing Categorical Variables

·         The bar chat

·         The pie chart

·         The Pareto chart

·         The side by side chart

Visualizing Numerical Variables:

·         The Stem and Leaf display

·         The histogram

·         The percentage polygon

·         The cumulative percentage polygon

Visualizing Two Numerical Variables

·         The scatter plot

·         The time series plot


2-      Numerical Descriptive Measures:

·         Mean

·         Median

·         Mode

·         Range

·         Variance

·         Standard Deviation

·         Z Scores

·         Shape: Skewness + Kutosis

·         Quartiles

·         Interquartile range

·         Five number summary

·         Boxplot

·         Population mean

·         Population Variance and Standard Deviation

·         Covariance

·         Coefficient of Correlation


3-      Basic Probability:

·         Simple probability

·         Joint probability

·         Marginal probability

·         Conditional probability

·         Independence


4-      Discrete Probability Distributions:

·         Probability distribution for a discrete variable

    - Expected Value of a discrete probability

    - Variance and standard deviation of a discrete probability

·         Binomial Distribution

·         Poisson Distribution


5-      The Normal Distribution:

·         Continuous probability distribution

·         Normal distribution

-          Computing Normal Probabilities

-          Finding X Values

·         Evaluating Normality

-          Comparing data characteristics to theoretical properties

-          Constructing the Normal Probability Plot


6-      Sampling Distributions:

·         Sampling distribution of the Mean

-          Standard Error of the Mean

-          Sampling from Normally distributed populations

-          Sampling from Non-Normally distributed populations

·         Sampling distribution of the Proportion


7-      Confidence Interval Estimation:

·         Confidence interval Estimate for the Mean (Population Standard deviation known)

·         Confidence interval Estimate for the Mean (Population Standard deviation unknown = t distribution)

·         Confidence Interval for the Proportion

·         Determining Sample size ( for the Mean, for the Proportion)


8-      Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One Sample Tests :

·         Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing Methodology

-          Null and alternative Hypothesis

-          The critical Value

-          Region of Rejection/non-rejection

-          Risks of decision making

-          Z test for the Mean

-          p-Value

·         t Test of Hypothesis for the Mean

·         One tail test

·         Z test of Hypothesis of the Proportion


9-      Chi-Square Tests:

·         Chi- Square Test for the difference between two proportions

·         Chi-Square Test for differences among more than two proportions

·         Chi-Square Test of Independence


Each Section of the 9 section has to be presented in a separate page in excel sheet in addition to charts and graphs.

All equations of each cell in the excel sheet has to be displayed when clicking on the cell. Analysis ToolPak Add-in (Analyze Data) in excel to be used.

Around 5-7 pages report has to be generated describing all analysis done and answers to questions in “Data” word file, in addition to conclusion.

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