Psychologists views on multiracial individuals



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  1. Early on, Psychologists had negative views of multiracial individuals. What were those views, were they accurate, and how have they changed (and why?)
  2. Acculturation among Latino/an Americans does not appear to be directly associated with mental health problems, but acculturative stress does. What can be done to reduce acculturative stress among Latino/ American families?
  3. . The U.S. government took American Indian children from their families to live in and be educated at boarding schools. Discuss the pros and cons, if any, of this practice.
  4. Discuss the “one-drop rule” (hypodescent) and how it might impact cultural identity and prejudice.
  5. Why, when America was at war with Italy, Germany, and Japan, did the U.S. government forcibly round up and send only Japanese Americans to detention camps?
  6. Rates of psychopathology are approximately the same across ethnic groups so this cannot account for the disproportionately high rate of violence in certain African American communities. Discuss some factors that may account for this higher than average rate.
  7. Is racial identity development the same for monoracial and (bi)multiracial individuals? If yes, how so? If not, how might it differ?
  8. Compare the Asian Americans of “yesteryear” with those immigrating to the United States more recently.

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