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Python Loops

Part 1:  Determine if a number is Prime

A positive whole number, n > 2, is prime if no number between 2 and the square root of (inclusive) evenly divides n.  Write a program that accepts a value of n as input, and determines if the value is prime.  If n is no prime, your program should quit as soon as it finds a value that evenly divides n.

Part 2:  Lists of Prime Numbers

Modify your program to find every prime number less than or equal to n.    [Hint: add an outer loop]

Part 3:  Goldbach Conjecture  (BONUS  20 pts Extra Credit)

The Goldbach conjecture asserts that every even number is the sum of two prime numbers.  Write  a program that gets a number from the user, checks to make sure that it is even, then finds two prime numbers that add up to the number.

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