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Bonus Reaction Paper

I have added two extra journal articles on Blackboard, one authored by Geoffrey Cohen and the other by

Kerry Kawakami (in class documents). If you choose to write the bonus paper, your task is to read one of

the two articles (your choice) and then write a reaction paper.  This is designed to get you thinking about

the reading that you choose. You have some freedom in deciding how to complete this assignment.

Spend some time highlighting the main points of the paper, but most of your paper should do other

things: e.g., connect the main point to something you learned in class, critique the study or its findings

(or the authors’ interpretation of the findings), consider/discuss/develop new ideas, and/or propose a

new study. I encourage you to bring in relevant material from other courses.


The reaction paper should be between two and four double-spaced pages (500 – 1000 words).  I will not

ask that these papers be graded very closely. I will simply look to see that you completed the assignment

and then give you your two bonus points.  This is not meant to be a difficult assignment. I simply want

you to read an article and give your frank opinion about it. As long as you do this and submit it on time,

you will get the full two points.


You can write your reaction paper to get two extra bonus points.  You should only write this paper,

however, if you did not use the i-clicker and want to get some extra points. Note, that you cannot get

the bonus points for the i-clicker and for the bonus reaction paper. If you participate with the i-clicker

and write the bonus paper, you will get a maximum of 2 extra points.


Normally, you will be required to submit your paper to for a review of textual similarity and

detection of possible plagiarism. In doing so, you will allow their essays to be included as source

documents in the reference database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of

detecting plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University's use of the service are

described on the web site. 

Although I encourage you to submit them earlier.

 To submit your papers, login to your account (see the document in course materials for a quick

guide to Turnitin), enter our class code (14194319), and class password (in light), and then go to

assignment, look for bonus paper and submit. Note that the password is case sensitive, so no capitals.

Also note, that since there are possibly two paper assignments (one term paper and one bonus

paper), please make sure to submit this as a bonus paper.

Late papers will be docked 0.5 points per day. Paper (hardcopy) submissions will not be accepted;

online submissions through only.

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