Research Proposal and Bibliography



Research Essay

Length:  1200 Words

Topics:  See Handout: “Research Essay Topics”

Formatting:  APA Style

Sample Essay:  “Relational Aggression:  Patterns and Motives Underlying Bullying and

   Its Impact on Students” (page 92)


Research Sources:       Peer-reviewed academic journal articles located in the NIC Library

                                    Articles and Databases, accessed through the NIC Library website.  Other

NIC Library sources.  Minimum of five sources required.


Three Parts:

1.      Research Proposal and Bibliography

2.      Introduction and Sample Core Paragraph 

3.      Research Essay 


*Check due dates for each of these assignments in your course outline.




As you decide on a topic for your research essay, keep in mind that the focus in an essay of this length should be relatively narrow.  A good way to figure out an interesting and appropriately narrow focus for your research is to browse the academic articles in the NIC Library Articles and Databases. The articles will show the range of issues scholars and researchers are currently interested in within the topic areas assigned.  (Refer to the “Research Essay Topics” handout.)

Do not hesitate to get help from a librarian. NIC librarians are familiar with the research topics for this course and will help you find relevant material in the Articles and Databases.

Once you have decided on a narrowed research topic, you will be required to write a clear and precise question stating your research purpose.  For example:

·         “How is humanitarian aid affected by civil war in countries receiving aid?”

·         “What role can pets play in the lives of homeless people?”

·         “What impact has technology had on creativity in children?”

·         “How does the labelling of GMO foods in Canada compare with labelling in other countries?”

·         “What impact is Generation Y having on the workplace?”

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