Research Proposal: Patient Satisfaction Analysis and Evaluation



Research Proposal: Patient Satisfaction Analysis and Evaluation

Quality Patient care is often the primary objective of any health facility. Quality care plays a significant role in patient recovery and satisfaction of both the patient and care providers. Strategies and interventions put into play, determine how high or low the scores of patient satisfaction in the medical units. [VD1] Thorough application of quality improvement processes analysis is critical in ensuring that improvement in inpatient care is achieved (Marcinko and Hetico, 2011; MIT Critical Data, 2016).[VD2] 

Patient dissatisfaction analysis and evaluation on service delivery in all medical units that handle pain management will be discussed in this project. [VD3] This will be through the collection of data from patients, using a scale and tabulating the results for analysis in a particular time frame (Burns and Groves, 2010). The medication used in each section will also be classified and analysed for practical efficacy by relating the result to patient satisfaction (Eldin, 2011). The involvement of the care providers through the communication of either the reasons for the choice of a particular procedure or medication, as well as the desired side effect, will be considered and recorded in every unit without disclosing personal details (Gkloulalas-Divanis & Loukides, 2013). Some of the key terms used here include Analgesic classification- which is the class of pain medication used, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data-includes data collected digitally by the care provider e.g., patient diagnosis, prescriptions, and medical history.[VD4] 

Users/ Personnel involved in the project

The main participants include a quality analysis and evaluation team. It consists of nurses, members of the administration, doctors, and a data analyst hired on a contract basis. The members of staff mentioned should not be from the units where data is to be collected. A total of 20 people will carry out the project. [VD5] The involvement of a member of staff makes it cheaper and feasible. It also reduces the time frame of conducting the project since they are familiar with the place (Richesson et al., 2011).

Data Collection and Reports to be Generated from the Data

The project will involve collection of variable data[VD6]  and use graphical analysis using charts to generate reports. It will involve getting data from EMR, having patients fill questionnaires, and having quality improvement team interview patients who are unable to load questionnaires (Gliklich et al., 2014; Kubben et al., 2019). The data will be collected in all medical units for comparison, and the strategies used in the best performing unit recommended for the universal application. A total of 100 patients will take part in every unit. Four data sets will be collected in this project and compared. The first class is where analgesic is used in each department. It will further be stripped down to the specific molecule (or combinations) that were used (Marcinko and Hetico, 2011). A report will be generated, indicating the efficacy of the classes after comparison with the patient's feedback on the degree of pain felt and managed.

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