Scientific Theory and Data Analysis



AM521412 0 Scientific Theory and Data Analysis,

Last exam autumn 2019


Two copies of the home exam must be handed in to the administration at IIF

(222, K-building, 2.), and deadline for delivery is Monday, November 11. 2019, at 12:00 (midday). This exam is an individual independent exam, i.e. no collaborations between candidates are allowed. Use your candidate number for this exam! You are not allowed to contact any of the academic staff during this exam. If necessary, make your own assumptions. The answers/report should be maximum 12 pages. Include an appendix with the relevant SPSS- output. The appendix is not included in the maximum number of pages.



Home exam (counts for 40 % of the grade):


A data file has been prepared for analysing loyalty to a grocery store. The sample consists of 156 answers to 32 questions of a survey among consumers. Most of the variables (VAR1 – VAR29) are measured on a Likert scale from 1 to 7. The data file you are going to use for this exam is homeexam_final_2019.sav. This file can be uploaded on Blackboard in the folder Home exam final 2019


You are going to analyse the suggested theoretical model shown below:

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