Sebastian Junger’s article, “Combat High” from the chapter, “Reading in College



Assignment 2: Putting it All Together

In the textbook reading for this module, you will explore active reading strategies. Reading actively will help you to become a more careful writer. Use these strategies to complete this assignment.

Complete the following:

  1. Review Sebastian Junger’s article, “Combat High” from the chapter, “Reading in College.” Then, examine it again using the features in the digital textbook that allow you to highlight and make notes.
  2. Use the Make Highlight feature to indicate the following elements. Then, use the Add Note feature to label each of them:
    • Thesis statement
    • Main idea(s) for each body paragraph
    • Key details
  3. Once you have finished highlighting and annotating, select all of your highlights and notes from the Notes column on the left side of your digital textbook screen. Copy and paste them into a Microsoft Word document.
  4. On the next page(s) of your document, use your highlighted information to develop a graphic organizer to summarize the essay's main points. You can do this using the Insert Shapes feature of the Word document.
  5. After you complete reading, highlighting, and developing the graphic organizer, write a paragraph explaining the following:
    • Was this process useful to you?
    • Did it help you with reading comprehension?
    • Do you think it will help you to be more organized when you write?
    • Was it time consuming?
    • Will you use this in the future?

Compile the graphic organizer and analysis in a document in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: 

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