Shark Tank episode

general article writing


Watch any Shark Tank episode that aired within the last three seasons.  Shark Tank airs

on ABC and is available on YouTube and in many other places such as Hulu, On Demand,


Prepare a written assignment (typed and double spaced)  which addresses each of the

following requirements.  All written assignments should follow APA guidelines.  Click here

for APA resources.  

Part of the grading rubric is the quality of your writing so please proofread carefully and

pay close attention to proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  It is encouraged to

utilize and/or the Writing Centers available on each FSW campus.


1.  A description of the show.  What is its purpose?  Which season/episode did you view?

2.  A summary of each deal presented that includes a brief business description, the amount of

funding requested, the percentage (%) of equity offered to the venture capitalists (the Sharks) by

the owner(s), and what deal was ultimately accepted (or rejected).

3.  For each deal, include qualitative assessments using SWOT analysis (see below) to identify

the strengths and weaknesses of the management team and business strategy as identified by the

Sharks.  What was positive about the business or deal?  What were the issues raised by the

Sharks?  How will this deal or the planned business strategy affect the roles of the management,

finance and marketing functions in the business.  

4.  What did you learn from this assignment?


function that drives all other functions. It must come first in the management cycle as all

other functional decisions are based on the plan. As a result, it is the most important

function.  Strategic planning is what determines the long-term goals and the course(s) of

action that the firm will take to accomplish its objectives.  Because strategic planning is

such an important issue it is usually reserved for the most senior management.  One of the

most widely used tools by management is the SWOT analysis. This tool directs the manager

to data and questions that can then be worked into strategic plans.  The chart below gives a

visual picture as to SWOT works.

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