Should an incompetent inmate be forcibly medicated to restore competency for execution



Should an incompetent inmate be forcibly medicated to restore competency for execution? Why or why not? Must include in-text citations, in APA format. Min 400 words. Reference must be included.

Incompetent Inmate

The incompetent inmate coercively medicates to re-establish competency for

execution. Now and again, incompetent criminal litigant anticipates trial and, without

reclamation of competency, might be imprisoned inconclusively until competency returns. In

others, the respondent is sentenced to death yet later considered clumsy to be incompetent,

and the state looks to re-establish competency through constrained medicine exclusively to

then execute the detainee (Williams, 2015) . The “Supreme Court” set up that the performance

of an inmate who is crazy is unlawful since it damages the “Eighth Amendment” and its

boycott against harsh and irregular discipline. The goal to go around the prohibition on

executing a crazy detainee, states have swung to the choice of persuasively curing rationally

“incompetent prisoner” with an antipsychotic pharmaceutical to medication the skill of the

prisoner with the end goal of implementation (Gogna, 2012)

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